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Cantack Equestrian

Half Pad - Dressage/AP - Chestnut

Half Pad - Dressage/AP - Chestnut

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With our half pads, it’s on the inside that really sets our pads apart from the rest but it’s also our curves that count!!

Our 1/2 pads are anatomically designed to your horse:

  • Contoured wither relief (no more pulling up your pads)
  • Full width padded spine (no horse in the world has a 1” spine width)
  • Rib cage relief: our pads come up off the top of your horses ribs to allow freer movement and less pressure points.
  • Velcro opening from underneath the spine- no more splitting open and shifting inserts! Less pressure points as well!

Our 1/2 pads are designed for your saddle:

  • Pads come in 1/4” or 3/4” thickness
  • Completely Contoured and structured (never floppy or flat) to the full shape of your jump saddles panelling system!!
  • The under side of our half pads are made up with a breathable, keep cool, non slip layer!
  • Our pads ride on your horse not into your horse!

**Shimmable front or back, side to side! Extra shims only $30 a set! 1/4” or 3/4” available

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